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Word Bash

You’ve been waiting for a word game that’s different and now you’ve found it. “Word Bash” is a crossword puzzle with a few twists.

Every puzzle is centered around a theme. Think of a word related to the theme and try it out. Play by yourself or with a group. Shout out words and solve the puzzle together. Sometimes the solution may be a two word answer (No Spaces).

Each completed word receives a score based on the letters you’ve entered. Previously played letters and helps will not receive a score. The more letters you play to complete the word the bigger the score.

“Word Bash” Features:
1) “Word Bash” will tell you when you have the right word but in the wrong place.
2) Use the auto retype button to try the word in another spot.
3) Each of the 100 puzzles saves after a completed word. Load another puzzle to play, take a phone call, or send a text and come back and finish later.
4) If you’re stuck, you’re in luck. Get a free letter by using one of your helps.
5) After you complete a puzzle, “Word Bash” will send your total score to the Game Center. Check the leader board and see how you rate worldwide.
6) “Word Bash” works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

We will start you out with 10 free puzzles with no ads to get in the way. And when you’re ready “Word Bash” has 90 more puzzles waiting for just 99¢!

Thanks for playing!

Word Bash

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